Our community

The Community at Best Buds Gaming Lounge is tight. Like, really tight. And very friendly, funny, and accepting. Best Buds Gaming Lounge exists to be a hub of community for nerds of all types, so here are some resources to help us communicate.


Discord is our most active form of communication here in the Best Buds friend group. If you're ever looking for someone to play a game with, looking for people into the same stuff as you--whatever! This is the best way to get 'in' with the crowd. There are also subcategories for Members, Smash, speedrunning, music, offtopic, and game requests. Simply click on the word 'Discord' above and download the app to join!

Facebook Group

Our Facebook community is the best way to keep up with events, and gaming trends going on at the Lounge. If you have an issue joining, just message the page and we'll add you.