What is a full-service Gaming Lounge?

A full-service Gaming Lounge is a place to come and enjoy your favorite new and retro games without having to worry about changing games, changing systems, faulty equipment, cleaning up after yourself, dirty living rooms, or any of the hassle that comes with being a hardcore/casual gamer.

How does the Gaming Lounge work?

From the time we open until 8pm, we are an all ages, pay-to-play lounge. Whether you want to spend just an hour or the whole day with us, we will help you find the perfect membership to fit your needs. If you fall in love or want to take advantage of the many services we offer, monthly and yearly memberships are available. Simply make your way to the service counter and let us know how long and what you want to play and we will take the rest from there!

We have a menu available with all 2,000+ games and are happy to break it down by system and help you find the perfect universe to escape to. Our trained gametenders are happy to help you and your group browse our extensive library and make recommendations or help you choose.

After 3 hours, you will be automatically converted to a Day Pass.

At 7:30pm, we give a half-hour warning to anyone under 18 (you can't just tell someone to put a controller down, too brutal!) and after 8pm, we ask all minors under 18 to come back tomorrow. At 8:00pm, Best Buds becomes a beer bar and video gaming lounge. This means that people between 18 and 21 pay a $5 cover, and for those over 21, as long as you're drinking, you are welcome to complimentary access to all of our equipment and games we put out that evening.

Can I bring my own system/games?

Yes! Please do! We absolutely love to learn and see new games that aren't a part of our collection. Just make sure you call ahead to let us know or check your equipment in with our staff when you get here. We are happy to assist you in setting up your systems/games with our equipment and space. Everything will be run through commercial grade power conditioners to ensure the protection of both your systems and our infrastructure. Please note that Best Buds Gaming Lounge is NOT liable for any lost or missing equipment.

Do I have to play games to be here?

Hell no! We have designated areas for spectating, board gaming, magic cards, eating food, and just hanging out. 

Do I have to make reservations?

Reservations are not required, but are recommended if there is a certain game or system you're set on playing. If you're looking for a lowkey night but want to guarantee a specific game/space is available, you need to email reservations.bestbuds@gmail.com or call 360-398-6183.

 If you want to reserve space for a party, we recommend filling out this form. 

How can I host my party at Best Buds Gaming Lounge?

We have multiple options for having parties at Best Buds! We specialize in birthday parties, staff parties, and bachelor parties; but are extremely flexible and confident that we can make BBGL work for any situation. We welcome the challenge of your obscure Best in the Office Ninja Gaiden II Party (or whatever it is)! You can either rent out a section of the room, or pay an hourly fee to rent the room out for yourself.

Fill out this form to start the process of booking your party!