Mission Statement


'Best Buds Gaming Lounge is dedicated to fostering a positive adult gaming community that people from all walks of life can enjoy.'

As adults who grew up in the age of Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, LAN Parties, Speed Running, Esports, and more overall technological and gaming advancements that have been crammed into our short lives, there needs to be a place for us. There are not enough places for 'weird' people to go. There are game and comic book stores, but what about a community for us? There are pretty much two choices: your typical bars, and  your buddies' house where you play DnD on Mondays (or whatever your equivalent of that is).

Best Buds' mission has always been to leave the world a better place than when we got here. Before Best Buds Gaming Lounge, there was Best Buds Collective Gardens, a chain of medical cannabis dispensaries with a passion for medicine and improving lives. Due to an unfortunate change in legislation, Best Buds was forced to close to come into compliance with Washington State law. 

Upon our journey with Best Buds Collective Gardens coming to an end, we started looking to the future.

What did we see in our future? Video games.

When the dispensaries closed, we started pouring our passion into creating a safe space for others like us-- people with mental illness or social disabilities, people who enjoy video games and other nerdy counterculture, and basically people who were forced into adulthood after having arguably the best childhoods ever (thanks to Nintendo and video game advancements).  Being functional adults with a major anxiety disorder, or ADHD, other problems that could be considered social disabilities, has taught us that there aren't many safe spaces for people like us.  For us, adulthood has been a hard lesson  that the world isn't built for us.

Well, we think that's bullshit.

We started looking into viable markets that people our age would benefit from. Our immediate thought was, "why isn't there somewhere for nerds/socially awkward people to hang out in Bellingham?" Additionally; why weren't we prepared for boring adulthood? What the hell are we supposed to do? Golf? Why didn't anyone tell us that people made fun of adults who play games? And more importantly, where did we all go?

Our year-long struggle to open Best Buds Gaming Lounge involved searching for video games, consoles, hardware, making connections with other geeky professionals in the area, and ultimately, building a community for people like us. 

The number one thing we learned in that year is that there are a lot of us. We just haven't found a space for us. Best Buds is committed to creating that space for Bellingham, and hopefully other communities in the future. 

After a year in business, the best part has been the community that has formed. We have an extremely tight-knit community of all types of people, connected by one common thing: we're weird. 

Best Buds Gaming Lounge is dedicated to fostering a positive adult gaming community that people from all walks of life can enjoy.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you join our wholesome community soon!


- Alex & Hugh, Owners.