Sock Drive!

Winter Sock Drive (2).png

We’re bartenders, so every night we drive home at around 3am. It breaks our heart to see the huge number of people downtown who don’t have a place to sleep and are huddled inside of their own jackets just to keep warm.

We can’t change their situation, but we can help improve their odds of surviving the winter.

A warm pair of socks can change someone’s night, or even save their life. We’ve got a donations box right inside the front door of Best Buds, and anything you can do is appreciated. Hand warmers and gloves are also an amazing option if you’d like to contribute!

If you make a donation, we’ll take 10% off your bill!

*Please, NO old socks or socks with holes! If they’re not new socks, you will not get a discount. Discounts do not stack with happy hour, or memberships, or any other discount.